Archived News 2006

We had a very interesting year. Our first puppies started their show careers with very good success. After several Best of Breed Puppy - wins our "Sofie", Linum Venus de Milo, got her first certificate at the end of the year. Her littermate "Adalia", Linum La Gioconda, was shown lightly. Her moment by starlight was in August when she was Best of Breed Puppy and Group-2 Puppy under breed specialist Kirsi Sainio (Of Skyeline). The other littermates "Tatu", Linum Statue of David, and "Kalle", Linum Adam´s Creation, still concentrate on their show training. "Kalle" has sired his first litter in Canada (kennel Skyknight) in December.

In Finland we have started to make health examinations to our dogs. Our "Silja", Fin & Est Ch Of Skyeline Alouette, was officially health examined in October: both her knees and eyes are completely healthy. The Skye Terrier Club of Finland will collect these health results and with this information we can breed more healthy and long-lived Skye terriers.

Stockholm, December 10th, 2006


"Vilken docka vi har på bordet! Mycket tilltalande huvud. Underbara ögon, toppen topline. Oj vilket kors! Rätt bra knävinkel i ett mycket stabilt bakställ. Underbar kropp för sin ålder. Bra överarm. Riktig, bra skuldra med mycket bra framben. I lovande päls. Synnerligen trevlig helhet! Ett underbart rörelse-schema, kunde vara lite frimodigare."

Domare Bengt Nilsson, Sverige

"What a doll we have on the table! Very pleasing head. Wonderful eyes and an impressive topline. Oh what a croup! Correct, good knee angulations in a very stable rear. Wonderful body for her age. Good upper arm. Correct, good shoulder with very good forelegs. In a promising coat. Extremely nice at a whole. Wonderful movement, could be a bit more outgoing."

Judge Bengt Nilsson, Sweden

Hyvinkää, September 16th, 2006


Sisters at the Finnish Terrier Club Main Specialty Show: Linum La Gioconda (left) and Linum Venus de Milo (right).

Health Result

17.10.2006 Kirkkonummi, Veterinary Päivi Vanhapelto
Silja was officially health examined: both her knees and eyes are completely healthy.

Show Results

10.12.2006 Stockholm Winner show, Sweden, Judge Bengt Nilsson
Sofie, Excellent in the Junior class, CAC, Best Bitch-4

09.12.2006 Helsinki Winner show, Judge Wim Wellens
Adalia placed second in the Junior class (5 bitches) with Excellent
Sofie placed third in the Junior class with Excellent

18.11.2006 Jyväskylä INT, Judge Carlos Fernandez Renau
Sofie, Excellent in the Junior class, Best Bitch-4

16.09.2006 Hyvinkää Finnish Terrier Club Main Specialty Show,
Judge Frederik Devitt

Silja, Excellent, Best Bitch-4
Sofie won the Junior class with Excellent
Adalia placed second in the Junior class with Excellent

19.08.2006 Tallinn INT, Estonia, Judge Zeev Trainin
Silja Excellent, CAC, res-CACIB, Best Bitch-2 and Estonian Champion -title

06.08.2006 Helsinki Puppy Show, Judge Kirsi Sainio
Adalia, Best of Breed Puppy, Group-2

29.-30.07.2006 Mikkeli INT, Judge August de Wilde
Silja, Excellent, Best Bitch-1, BOS and CACIB
Sofie, Best of Breed Puppy

15.-16.07.2006 Helsinki, Judge Dee Hyde
Sofie, Best of Breed Puppy

10.06.2006 Helsinki, European Winner Show, Judge Paul Stanton
Silja placed third in the Champion class with Excellent

20.-21.05.2006 Helsinki INT, Judge Andrasz Koroz
Silja, Excellent, Best Bitch-3

22.04.2006 Lahti INT, judge Guy Jenny
Silja, Excellent, Best Bitch-3